Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Post: Karen M Candido-"Mr Clean"

Guest Post for Flash Fic Friday "Insired by Joe"
"Mr Clean" By Karen M Candido

“Why are you taking a picture of me while I’m eating?” Joe said putting down his sandwich

“Because Mom has been complaining she wants more pictures of her future son-in-law. So, I am taking as many pictures as possible. Hopefully that will get her off my back.” Gabe said placing the camera back into his pocket.
Joe rolled his eyes “Seriously? You really think she wants pictures of me eating?”

“That’s the point isn’t it? Give her more pictures than she wants and she’ll leave me alone for awhile.” He held out his hand to help Joe up. “Now, come on, I want to get some of you cleaning the house.”

Joe grabbed his hand and started laughing, pulling himself up. “You just want to get out of doing your half of the cleaning.”

Gabe pouted. “How can you say that? I’m just trying to get some pictures!”

Joe pulled Gabe close to him. “Babe,” leaning in and giving him a soft kiss, “I know you better than that.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright, let’s go then and get this over with.” He took the keys out of his pocket and started walking towards the car swinging his jean clad hips a little more than usual.

“And no using sexual favors this time either!” Joe said following Gabe along and throwing the rest of his sandwich into a garbage can on the sidewalk.

Gabe used the key fob and unlocked the doors of the car. Leaning against the roof he said, “Take all the fun out of it why don’t you?” he groused.

“Oh, I don’t know. Im sure we can have some “fun” with the cleaning.” Joe said pulling the car door open. 
“You never know what might be dirty.” He smiled at Gabe.

“Now you’re talking my language!” Gabe jumped in the car, buckled his seatbelt and started the car at once. “Hurry up and get in here! We have to go clean!”

Joe got in the car and leaned over the console towards Gabe. Whispering into his ear he said “I think I know what might be dirty.” He moved his hand down to Gabe’s crotch and rubbed hard.

Gabe let out a little gasp as his head thudded against the head rest. “Yeah, definitely dirty.” He said thrusting his hips towards Joes’ hand.

Joe kept rubbing in little circles feeling Gabe’s cock growing harder. “Are you sure its dirty? I seem to remember cleaning it this morning in the shower?”

“No” Gabe panted, “Its dirty again…very, very, dirty.”

“tsk, tsk, tsk. Now, I’ll have to be extra vigil this time cleaning it.” Joe leaned back into his seat, adjusting his own tight jeans now.

Gabe lifted his head up and looked at Joe. “You’re a tease, you know that?” Shifting in his seat he put the car into park and started to drive away.

“Oh, Im going to deliver don’t worry. Once, you clean the bathroom. Then, you’ll get your reward. One you will never forget.” Joe said watching Gabe drive the car towards home.

“Then just call me Mr. Clean” Gabe said with a grin, hitting the gas just a little bit more.


  1. Excellent job Karen!!! I'm so proud of you, my friend.

    Big hugs,

  2. Great job Karen! I'm grinning like a loon! Mr Clean, indeed!

  3. Really good, Karen. I love your picture and the resulting inspiration!

  4. Thank you Poppy for hosting my story! Thanks for all your hard work you did on this.

  5. Woo Hoo Great job the visual and the heat these two generate

  6. I'm thinking that even though you've been saying 'NO, NO, NO' that you're story-telling is saying 'YES! YES! YES!' LOL

    So, don't be surprised when you are brow-beaten into doing it time! Love it! I think you should write about what happens when they get home...and send it to me! hehe